Hytera MD785GGPS Mobile - £435.00

The MD785G is part of the latest range of digital radios from the Hytera Corporation and is fully compliant with DMR standards allowing the more efficient use of channel spaces. The MD785G will work with all other radios built to the DMR standard and is also compatible with existing legacy analogue systems.  With on-board GPS the radio can be tracked and located wherever it is operating. 

Features include:

  • Superior Voice quality; With the combined application of narrowband codec and digital error-correction technology.

  • Dual Modes; Able to operate in analogue&digital modes

  • On-board GPS

  • TDMA technology doubles the amount of users able to use each channel

  • Secure Communications with digital encryption

  • Compliant with MIL-STD-810 C/D/E/F and IP54 standards

  • User-friendly Design including a high quality UI and LCD screen.

  • Text messaging

Package includes:

  • Mobile radio

  • Compact microphone

  • Mounting cradle

  • DC power cables

  • User guide



Hytera 785G GPS Portable

MD785G - £435.00 ex-VAT