Welcome to Hytera Digital Radio!

Hytera Communications Corporation Limited (Hytera) is one of the leading providers of professional wireless communication equipment in the world.  Hytera focuses on meeting the needs of the customer by providing innovative and professional two-way radios, wireless systems and services.  Hyteras focus on R&D places it at the leading edge in the development of innovative two-way radio solutions.

G6 Global is an authorised re-seller of Hytera equipment and an experienced systems integrator.  Regardless of your requirement, no matter how small or large, talk to us for a seamless, cost effective, professionally engineered solution.

G6 recognises that Digital Mobile Radio (DMR) represents the future of two-way radio communications.  Working in partnership with Hytera we are committed to offering innovative and advanced solutions to our customers both new existing.

The Hytera family of digital mobile radio products offer some truly unique features not currently available from other digital radio manufacturers putting them at the leading edge in this field.

With our expertise in system design and integration, we are pleased and proud to be working with Hytera to promote and champion the cause of digital radio

Hytera and G6 – Respond & Achieve


X1 - Smallest Commercial Covert Radio


AES256 encryption

Bluetooth connectivity


GPS location

IP67 rated

Open USB port

Range of covert accessories